RedDot Podcast | Episode 015 | Artist Thom Reaves Reconnects with a Long-lost Collector - Gains a Patron!

August 18, 2017

Last week I talked about the importance of reestablishing contact with art buyers who have fallen out of contact. New Jersey artist Thom Reaves left a comment about an amazing experience he had reconnecting with a past buyer. Hear his story in today's podcast.

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RedDot Podcast | Episode 014 | Reconnecting with Long-lost Collectors

August 10, 2017

If you've been selling art for any length of time, it's likely you have lost touch with some of your past buyers. Reaching back out to past buyers is a great way to resume your relationships with your buyers and can lead to additional sales. In this episode I will share some experience I've had reconnecting with long-lost collectors and I'll share strategies you can use to reconnect with past buyers.

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RedDot Podcast | Episode 013 | “What Should I Paint?”

July 28, 2017

Artist's frequently ask me what the most popular styles of work are and what sizes are selling best. I have to answer these questions very carefully. Join me in this week's podcast as we explore the ins and outs of trying to decipher the art market.  Read more about the how to sell your art and understand the art market by visiting our blog at


RedDot Podcast | Episode 012 | Supply, Demand, and Art Pricing

July 20, 2017

In this week's episode we'll explore how the laws of supply and demand effect the art market and art pricing. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list at to receive announcements of future podcasts.


RedDot Podcast | Episode 011 | Displaying Your Art to Optimize Sales

July 6, 2017

On Monday I shared a blog post about how to best display your artwork. In today's podcast I respond to comments and answer questions that were left relating to how artist's can best display their art at shows, festivals and open studio tours. It's tempting to display too much work, and in this episode I talk about how to overcome this temptation.


RedDot Podcast | Episode 010 | Ask a Gallery Owner - Expanding Gallery Representation, Converting Interest into Art Sales, Re-branding Your Art

June 29, 2017

I take questions from RedDotBlog readers this week about how galleries feel about you showing in other galleries in the area, expanding your exposure, and I take a question from an artist whose work generates a lot of interest but few sales. I give my insights and opinions on these questions and others in this weeks "Ask me Anything" session.

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RedDot Podcast | Episode 009 | Panel Discussion - Dealing with Criticism From Spouses, Close Family, and Friends

June 21, 2017

I talk with Massachusetts artist Mara Levin, and Bay Area artist Naomi  VanDoren about how they've navigated the challenges of taking criticism from spouses or close friends. We discuss the importance of developing self-confidence and perspective when criticism, whether solicited or not, undercuts your confidence in your work.


RedDot Podcast | Episode 008 | An Interview With Robert MacGinnis - Finding Success Selling Art on Facebook

June 1, 2017

Many artists wonder if marketing art on Facebook is a viable strategy. Oregon artist Robert MacGinnis, who describes himself as "old school" was reluctant to join Facebook when a collector encouraged him to join in 2015, but he quickly discovered that Facebook was an extremely effective way for him to sell his work and connect with collectors. Facebook sales now account for over 50% of MacGinnis' annual sales. In this episode, you'll hear the artist's simple approach to Facebook marketing.

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RedDot Podcast | Episode 007 | Approaching Galleries, Art Sale Scammers, Artist/Gallery Relationships and More

May 24, 2017

Red Dot readers direct the discussion in this week's podcast by asking questions about the art business. In the session, Jason answers questions about approaching galleries, Nigerian scammers targeting artists, galleries that don't operate as well as an artist wishes they would, and much more.


RedDot Podcast | Episode 006 | Adventurous Art Sales, and the Importance of Persistence in Art Marketing

May 16, 2017

In this week's episode, Jason shares events that lead up to a significant sale and lessons learned in the process. It's easy to give up on your marketing efforts when they don't seem to be working, but persistence can make all the difference.